Cavell Group


Cavell is a specialist firm in the communications and internet markets. They have a broad portfolio of analyst, education and technical services, as well as consulting and due diligence work. They have many prestigious and large clients, mainly won through their existing network. Their peer group includes larger players like Gartner, IDC and Big 4 Consultancies. Cavell is highly respected for the quality of their work but they were viewed as three separate businesses under one name and their branding/website did not reflect the quality of their work.


Catapult initially undertook a discovery project to look at Cavell’s market positioning, messaging, website, collateral and the competitive landscape. This led to a larger “One Cavell” project where Catapult worked with the team to develop a single, unifying purpose and proposition, as well as a new brand, visual identity, portfolio articulation and website. Part of that work was to focus the business on their three distinct customer types – Service Providers, Technology Vendors and Investors – and redevelop their messaging accordingly. New Cavell went live in March 2020 at their annual event in London, attended by 350+ people.


Proposition and brand development for leading analyst.
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